Gastronomy in Halong

Steamed Shrimp

In the Quang Ninh sea many varieties of shrimp can be found, from the smallest morsel to the largest prawn, or even lobster. The most precious are these lobsters.

Roasted Sái Sùng

The Sái Sùng, or sandworm, also goes under the other local name of Con Mồi.

Fermented glutinous rice of Hoành Bồ

This alcohol is processed from special kind of glutinous rice, a specialty of Hoành Bồ.

Shell-fish browned with Chilli sauce

In the region of Ha Long there are many varieties of shell-fish, such as flat shell-fish, conches and giant clams. Each variety should be cooked differently, and has its own particular taste. One of the more ...

Sour pork hash and Shipworm soup of Quảng Yên

The sour pork hash of Quảng Yên may be compared to other northern specialties of pounded pork products, but the species of shipworm in Quảng Yên can not to be found anywhere else but in the ...

Grilled Calamari with Steamed Rolled Pancakes

In all the coastal regions of Vietnam, squid can be found. Those in Nha Trang are renowned for their large size, while in Ha Long they are famous for their original taste. Squid is usually sun-dried and then ...

Ca Say of Tien Yen

Ca Say is a hybrid of duck bred for many years in this locality.

Ngan alcohol of HaLong

Boiled Ngan or roasted Ngán are very delicious foods but Ngán alcohol is sweet-scented...